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    Ribbons add the perfect finishing touch to your Wedding Decor and they are super versatile too!!! There are thousands of ways to use ribbon for your wedding décor from chair and table décor to garlands and wreaths, for backdrops and arches and much, much more. Find the ribbon color that suits your scheme and style away. Here we look at 5 of our favourite ways to use ribbon in your decorations.



    We are a little bit in love with Chiavari chairs and a really lovely way to add a touch of colour and fun is to add ribbons in different shades of patterns. Simple but totally gorgeous. You can add then to create a full back panel as shown in this image (image courtesy of Pinterest or a simple bow tied on one side. Use them to add a simple bouquet of Gypsophelia or to hang small buckets, jam jars or pots filled with flowers.



    Table Runner

    Simply stunning and very unique, create texture and colour on your table with a gorgeous ribbon Table runner. Combine different colours, textures and widths to create interest on your table. (Image courtesy of Pinterest




    Napkin Rings

    Add an elegant finishing touch to your napkins, with simple ribbon napkin rings. Decorate with place name cards, add a touch of greenery of just on their own, perfect! (image courtesy of Pinterest





     Hanging Decorations

    Ribbons create movement as well as adding a touch of fun. Use them to create fabulous hanging chandeliers or how about a ribbon ceiling canopy? (image courtesy of Pinterest




     Arches and Backdrops

    One of our favourite uses of ribbons, create a stunning backdrop to your Top Table, a fabulous entrance to your venue or a gorgous photo area. Ribbons can be attached to a frame to create stunning curtains, soft, romantic and fabulous. (image courtesy of The Final Flourish)


     For more ribbon ideas, why not visit our Pinterest Board If you would like to talk to our friendly Styling team, then please get in touch. Email us at or give us a call on 01235 426456.







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    Chairs, granted perhaps not the most glamourous or exciting part of planning your wedding but nevertheless an essential item that needs to be carefully considered, after all every guest is going to need something to sit on! But what to choose? Until quite recently the traditional lycra chair cover and sash could be seen gracing wedding receptions up and down the country but there is a new kid on the block and its turning the humble chair into an integral part of Wedding Decor.


    The popularity of the Chiavari Chair is on the rise as couples are increasingly wanting something that adds a little more elegance and allows them to express their personality. Chiavari chairs are available in an array of colours but the most popular tend to be either Limewash or Gold. The chairs themselves are simple in design yet versatile enough to offer a host of options to decorate. You may be lucky enough to have booked a venue who already provide these chairs as standard but if not then you can hire these chairs in for around £3.50 per chair (including the seatpad). The style works well whatever type of wedding you are planning from rustic, vintage, shabby chic through to glamourous and elegant.

     White, white and more white!

    One thing to consider is that you will have a lot of chairs. Even if you are only hosting a small, intimate wedding, you will still have more chairs in your room than any other item and so they will play an intergral part in the overall look and feel of your decoration. With that in mind, its important to think about how your room will look. Unless you are opting for something totally different, you will most probably have large round tables with white table linen, adding in 60 - 100 chairs with white lycra chair covers can mean an awful lot of white!!!!

    The image below shows an example of how this might look.

    BeFunky Collage  

    Of course you can add a splash of colour to your chair covers with the addition of a coloured sash. Chiavari chairs offer a host of options for decoration, allowing you to really express your individuality. You can opt for something simple like a ribbon of small flower display to the more elaborate ruffles and hoods. Below are just a few examples of some of our favourite ways to decorate these chairs.

    BeFunky Collage

    To see more suggestions, visit our Pinterest Board at . To talk to us about how The Final Flourish can help with all your Chair Styling requirements, please get in touch

  3. We consider ourselves extremely fortunate to work with so many couples at such a key time in their life's. It's a something we never take for granted and feel extremely grateful for our small involvement in their special day each and every time.

    Sometimes, along the way however we are lucky enough to meet an exceptional couple, that really leave their mark on us (for good reason we should add)! And this couple certainly did!  It was an honour and a privilige to help these two special people to create the day of their dreams and we enjoyed every minute of it and they and us were totally thrilled with the results!!!! In today's blog we share with you how we transformed a "blank canvas" village hall into their dream Wedding Reception.


    If you are a regular follower of our styling adventures, you will know that we love nothing more than the challenge of a totally blank canvas venue. A space that allows us to get really creative and to bring to life the couples ideas and it doesn't come much more "blank canvas" than this lovely village hall situated in the village of Southmoor, Oxfordshire.

    19047667_1461439500545602_357409578_nThe Hall itself is a large modern space perfect for a Wedding reception. It has great facilities including a large kitchen, outside space and lots of parking. However like so many village halls, its lacks personality and required a lot of imagination to see past the functional space and imagine it as a fabulous Wedding reception venue. Sionice and Ben had very clear ideas about what they wanted the end result to look like and key to this was creating a Marquee feel to the hall as well as something romantic and soft with tons of WOW factor!!!!

    Whilst the obvious immediate option would have been to hire in a Marquee lining to create this feel, there were a few challenges. First consideration was safety, fire exits need to be kept clear and with so many doors, windows and arch ways to contend with the logistics of managing all of these with a Marquee lining would have proved very difficult to overcome. Secondly cost, whilst it may seem the easiest option, it is most definatly not the most cost effective option!!! So it was time to get our thinking caps on and work out how to create the look the couple wanted whilst managing the logistics and keeping the cost down..... the solution???? Voile and lots of it!!!!!!

    BeFunky Collage

    In fact we used over 150ft of voile! Each Arch, door and window had 2 panels of voile which had to be cut, hung and draped on site. Using voile allowed us to soften the whole room, whilst allowing maximum light in through the various doors and windows as well as enabling plenty of access around the room. It took a total of 5 hours to install and a huge amount of ladder work but the end result was totally stunning!!!!!!!

    Next up, we turned our attention to the ceiling, Sionice was very keen to create a 1twinkling canopy across the whole room to add a touch of drama to her evening celebrations. We were really fortunate at this venue to have fantastic stage lighting around the whole of the room which meant that attaching the canopy was fairly straight forward. For this installation we opt'd for bright white fairylights on a black cable to compliment the surroundings and also add a really dramatic lighting effect.  We used 1000 fairylights across the whole ceiling in swags and the end result was fabulous.  

    19075360_1463127687043450_1556345358_nWith ceiling and walls taken care of, it was time to add a few finishing touches. The hall has a large stage area, which was perfect for the fantastic live band the couple had for their evening reception. However as this was also the backdrop to their Top Table for their Wedding Breakfast, they wanted to add something a little bit special.....cue our incredible Flower Wall. Created with hundreds of hand sewn fabric flowers in ivory and lace, this is a really versatile piece. It extends to a whopping 18ft with the addition of lovely voile panels and created the perfect backdrop. Practical as well as it allowed the band to set up behind on the stage and remain unseen by the guests until later in the evening when the wall was then taken down for the big reveal. The Flower Wall was then relocated to the back of the room, shortened and lit up to create a fabulous and unique Selfie Photo booth for the remainder of the evening.

    Village Halls are used for so many purposes and therefore the areas tend to be functional rather than pretty but with a little imagination, even a blank entrance hall can have a little magic added to it and is a great way to greet your guests when they arrive. To achieve this we installed a stunning Ribbon arch at the front doors. Using lace and ribbon to match with the couples colour scheme, this is a simple yet effective way to add colour and personality.



    Creating this look took over 11 hours but the transformation was stunning and testimony to just how amazing these spaces can be made to look. We would like to extend our grateful thanks to the ever patient and helpful Kathy from the Village Hall and of course we wish Sionice and Ben a very happy, healthy life together.

    If you would like to talk about how we can help you create the day of your dreams, then please do get in touch, visit us at our website or call us direct on 01235 426456.




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    Having been in the Wedding business for quite some time, we know that many Brides to be are still often confused by the various different services on offer. The most frequently asked question is "What is the difference between a Wedding Decorator, a Stylist and Decor Hire?" and more importantly "Which one do I need " More often than not, people assume they are the all same thing, but in truth they all provide very different services. In this blog we aim to explain the different services and help you decide which one might be right for you