An important part of planning the perfect wedding is certainly planning the perfect wedding reception. Whilst undoubtably your ceremony is the star of the day, your reception is the much anticipated after party and is when the real celebrations take place. Décor plays a large part in setting the stage for creating a truely memorable wedding reception, and it’s easy to overlook those little touches and details that can help to add a distinctive style to your own wedding celebration, making it totally unique. One place that couples can really make their mark is in their choice of wedding table centerpieces.

Our role is to help create those breathtaking moments when your guests walk into your reception room and see for the first time all those carefully chosen decorations that create the "wow" factor. We have a huge range of centerpieces available to suit all tastes, styles and budgets. Below we feature just some of our most popular centerpiece creations which we hope will inspire you.

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Blossom Beauty

Simply stunning mix of artificial blossom branches in soft pinks and creams for a romantic feel.

Consists of

5 x Blossom Branches in mix of colours

1 x 60cm Coloumn vase

1 x 30cm Mirror Plate

Crystal strands to decorate.

3 x Clear glass votives with tealights

1 x Blossom Table Runner

Price per table £ 40.00*

Floral Trio

Exactly as the name suggests this is a glorious collection of stunning artifiial flower balls in a mix of soft ivories and pinks displayed on a set of 3 stunning candlesticks to create an elegant centerpiece.

Consisting of

1 x Large silver candlestick with Large Flower Ball

1 x Medium glass candestick with medium pink flower ball

1 x Small glass candlestick with small ivory flower ball

1 x 30xm Mirror Plate

3 x Silver crackle votives and candles

1 x Rose Gold Sequin Table Runner

Price Per Table £50.00*

Silver Lantern

Simple and elegant, our Silver lantern is the perfect choice. Complimented by a crisp, clean artificial floral display using cream flowers and greenery and softened with the glow of candlelight, perfect for your wedding whatever the time of year.

Consists of

1 x Large Silver Lantern with wax pillar candle

1 x Artificial Floral display (as per image)

3 x Silver crackle votives plus candles

1 x Silver Grey Flock Table Runner.

Price per table £ 36.50*

Rose Gold and Sparkle

A timeless classic, our stunning 60cm Rose Gold Candleabra looks resplendant on any table. Finished with our artificial flower candle rings in pinks and greens and sat on our rose gold sequin runner.

Consists of

1 x 60cm Rose Gold Candleabra

5 x Taper candles in Ivory

5 x Candle rings (as per image)

5 x Clear glass votives with candles

1 x Rose gold sequin runner

Price per table £42.50*

Peony Bloom

Pretty as a picture, this mix of artificial peonies in creams and pinks looks bloomin lovely displayed in our 60cm Martini vase and with added submersible lights, your centerpieces will take on a totally different look for your evening.

Consists of

1 x 60cm Martini vase with waterpearls and submersible string lights

Artificial Peony Floral display in mix of pink and ivory.

1 x 30cm Mirror Plate

4 x Clear glass votives and candles

1 x Rose Gold sequin runner

Price per Table £52.50*

Flowers and Pearls

Simple and elegant, our 40cm Footed Hurricane vase looks gorgeous when dressed with our ivory artificial floral ring and an added touch of glamour with our rose gold sequin runner.

Consists of

1 x 40cm Footed Hurricane vase with candle and pearls

1 x Artificial ivory flower ring

2 x Clear glass votives with candles

1 x Rose Gold sequin Table runner

Price per table £30.00*

Rustic Floral

Perfect for a rustic wedding, our lovely 22cm Milk churns are filled with delicate artificial peonies in soft pink and cream and sat on a log base to give that added rustic feel.

Consists of

1 x Enamel Milk Churn

3 x Artificial Peony Bouquets

1 x Log slice

1 x Sequin Table Runner

Total Price Per Table £ 33.00*

Flowers and Candles

Simple and classic, our 24cm Hurricane vase looks just perfect sat in our artificial floral ring accompanied with our gorgeous clear glass votives.

Consists of

1 x 24cm Hurricane Vase with wax candle

1 x Artificial Floral ring

2 x Clear glass votives and candles

1 x Rose Gold sequin runner

Total Price per table £27.00*

Timeless Classic

As the name suggests, this centerpiece is a timeless classic. Elegant and sophisticated with added softness from the artificial floral ring and pearl drape.

Consists of

1 x 60cm Silver Candleabra with wax candle and pearl drape.

1 x Artificial floral ring

4 x Frosted votives with artificial rose heads and candles.

Total Price per Table £37.50*


*Our service includes delivery and set up on the day of all the items you have carefully selected from our extensive range of high quality products and to collect the following day from your venue. The cost for this service is £300.00 plus the hire cost of your selected items. Below we have provided just a few examples of our centerpieces including the cost per table (excluding the service charge as shown above). Of course we can alter any of the ideas below to suit your particular style or theme and if you can't see anything here that is quite right, then talk to us and we will create something that fits with your overall scheme or design. The possibilities are limitless and of course don't forget that as well as high quality artificial flowers we can also create fabulous centerpieces using fresh flowers too.