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    No other flower signals spring quite like cherry blossoms. A Blossom theme is perfect for a spring or Summer wedding as it adds a fresh, magical and very romantic atmosphere. Fresh Cherry blossoms however are only available for a limited time, normally from January to April and can be quite expensive but worry not, if you want to feature these stunning blooms in your big day, we have a fabulous range of gorgeous artificial blossom products to create the "wow" factor.  Get inspired as we show you how to introduce blossoms thoughout your day.   


    Copy of Summer moodboard


    Create a picture perfect moment with our stunning Blossom arch. Standing at 7ft x 7ft our arch is bursting with beautiful artificial blossoms and soft voile panels. This style can be created using white, pink or a mix of both artificial blossom branches. It is perfect for an outdoor wedding but looks equally at home for an indoor ceremony. Combine with our fabulous cream aisle runner and gorgeous silver lanterns to line the aisle and you have the perfect setting for those all important vows. 


    Blossom Arch from £200.00

    Cream Aisle Runner 20ft x 3ft from £100.00

    Silver Lantern with candle £20.00


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    Your Top Table will be a focal point of your reception but it shouldn't overshadow the Bride and Groom. Simple yet stunning, our blossom runner adds a softness to the table without overpowering. This can be created using white, pink or mix of both artificial blossom branches and can be interwoven with a selection of pretty little extras including candlesticks, pots and votives. Our Ivory Flower Wall provides the perfect backdrop.


    3m x 3m Ivory Flower Wall Backdrop £250.00

    Blossom Top Table runner from £80.00


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    Table centerpieces with the "wow" factor! We combine stunning glassware with our blossom branches to create beautifully tall and imposing centerpieces that still allow your guests to chat across the table. You can choose to opt for a single colour of branch or combine the two. Add extra detailing with our gorgeous blossom table runners with 3d blossom flowers or go all out with table overlays in the same fabric. This is also perfect for your cake table! Of course we can't forget your chairs and our lovely blush pink linen chair sashes are the perfect accompaniment to this floaty, feminine look.

    Blossom centerpiece from £35.00

    Blossom runner £ 3.00

    Blossom table overlay £20.00

    Lycra Chair cover in white with linen sash £4.00


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    Its those little finishing touches that make all the difference. Add our stunning 4ft Artificial Blossom trees available in either pink or white to create an aisle entrance or to frame your Top Table. Our Confetti Bar is the perfect way to ensure you capture that all important "confetti image" and is supplied with dried flower petals to continue the floral theme and finally as we are thinking of Spring and Summer, why not add some of our fabulous Garden Games to keep your guests entertained throughout the day. 

    Artificial Blossom Trees £ 25.00 each

    Confetti Bar from £2.80 per guest

    Garden Games Package £125.00

    We hope we have given you lots of ideas and inspiration for your Blossom themed wedding. If you would like to talk to us further about your requirements, please get in touch  by visiting our website. Our Styled by Us service is perfect for couples who are looking for professional expertise and guidance to help create their special day and want to hire all of the elements to create beautiful table centerpieces and venue decorations as well as avoiding the stresses and strains of actually dressing your venue on your big day and clearing away after. Our service includes:

    - Initial Consultation and creation of Decor scheme.
    - All administration including quotations, liason with venue and other suppliers.
    - Delivery plus full set up on the day at your venue and collection the following day.

    The cost for this service is a standard charge of £300.00  and covers all of the elements detailed above. It excludes the cost of the decorations you choose to hire from us.

    Happy Planning

    Sharon and Dawn x  


  2. top table dressing

    There is something so lovely about confetti, it epitomises all the very best things about a wedding - guests, laughter, colour and just a little bit of chaos! And of course lets not forget that much sort after picture perfect " confetti shot"  that every Bride craves. Its no wonder then that this tradition which dates back to 1890's continues to be as popular today as it has ever been.

    The History bit......

    Confetti throwing originated in Italy, but in those days it was little small plaster imitation sweets that were thrown (ouch!!). Thankfully this was soon replaced by a variety of softer items including rice, paper and of course dried flower petals. The throwing of confetti over the happy couple is said to bestow prosperity and fertility to them.


    So if you have chosen to include confetti in your big day, read on to discover some important hints and tips to ensure you get that "wow" confetti moment.



    Some basics......

    Many couples ask the question "who buys the confetti"? The simple answer is you! Years ago, Wedding Guests would bring their own little boxes of paper confetti but with all the enviromental issues and the fact that most Brides want every part of their day to co ordiante, its more likely than not that your guests will not expect to come equipped. So if you want that shot, you are going to need to provide the confetti!

    Talking of all things enviromental, the vast majority of venues will only allow confetti if it is 100% biodegradable. This is due to the fact that traditional paper confetti tends to be difficult to clean away and of course can be very harmful to the enviroment. A top tip is to check with your venue about their particular rules and regulations regarding confetti before you go any further.


    Now you've checked that you can actually have confetti, the next thing to do is choose what kind of confetti you want. There are so many choices of petals but to create that fairytale delicate fall and allow your photographer to capture the magic moment, choose smaller petals. If you particularly want a larger petal then add some smaller ones to create a textured mix.

    Choose your colours carefully, consider whether you want them to match or contrast with your theme. Think about where your confetti will be thrown and consider whether the background is light or dark, you want your confetti to pop so make sure that your colour choice will stand out against your background and really make a statement.



    How do you want to display your confetti? Again there are a huge range of choices. Many couples opt for an informal Confetti Bar set up, this can be displayed in a variety of ways from crates, baskets, bowls, suitcases to name just a few and allows your guests to fill their own cones. Alternatively you can choose to provide the confetti in prepacked containers including cones, envelopes or poppers. You could even present your confetti in little individual personalised jars as wedding favours (a great way to save on costs!).

    How much confetti you will need, will depend on your choice of display. There are no hard and fast rules about how much confetti you need to provide and it really is  up to your personal choice (and budget of course!!). You need to decide whether you want to provide confetti for every guest. Generally not all guests will throw confetti and some people opt only to provide for the female guests but of course the choice is yours. If you are providing loose confetti for guest to fill their own cones with, as a guide 1litre of confetti will fill approximatly 10 cones.




    And so we turn to that all important shot, you've got the confetti, the guests are all lined up but how do you ensure that the photo is picture perfect? The first and most important thing to do is talk to your Photographer, they will be able to guide you on the best place to take the picture, this will help you decide on your colour (remember our earlier tips on choosing colours). The final thing is to make sure that your guests know how to throw the confetti to get the maximum impact. Now this might sound like a funny thing to say, as everyone knows how to throw but there really is an optimum way to achieve the best results!! Designate one of your Bridal party to organise the guests and get them to stand as close together as possible and most importantly to throw as high as they can to create the perfect flutter.


    So now you know what you need to create that most magical of moments. Here at The Final Flourish, we love all things confetti and have a fab range of confetti options. If you would like to know more, visit our website at


    Happy Planning

    Sharon and Dawn x